About Activities for Unity of Samaaj

For the unity of Patidar Samaaj and to remove the difference between "Kadva" and "Leva" we organize Luv Kush Patidar Samelan from time to time.  This event is done seperately for males as well as females also.  The personalities in Patidar Samaaj are awarded with awards like "Sant Shiromani", "Patidar Shiromani", "Patidar Ratna" as well as "Patidar Gaurav".

Along with this event different publications are published for enlightenment of youth as well as women.

"Luv Kush Patidar Maha Samelan" for males was organized in January-2011 by our trust.  Similary "Luv Kush Patidar Mahila Samelan" was  organized in February - 2011.