Marriage Bureau

We are running a Marriage Bureau for Kadva Patidar Samaaj.  The institution is organizing "Pasandgi Melo" time to time, where more than 500 people participate in it.  We have so far achieved success in this event.

Awards and Certificates

We provide Awards and Certificates and other gifts to brilliant students, Award Winner Teachers, Specialized Achievements from Kadva Patidar Samaaj.  The awards and certificates are issued by specialized people during the events every year.

We do "Sanman" of any three Writers who regularly write articles in "Parivar Magazine" every year.

The event is organized once every year.

Activities for Unity of Samaaj

For the unity of Patidar Samaaj and to remove the difference between "Kadva" and "Leva" we organize  Luv Kush Patidar Samelan on january-2011 &  Luv Kush Patidar mahila Samelan on february-2011. This event is done seperately for males as well as females also.  The personalities in Patidar Samaaj are awarded with awards like "Sant Shiromani", "Patidar Shiromani", "Patidar Ratna" as well as "Patidar Gaurav".

Helping The Widows And Needy

We provide help to widow females and also to needy females.  The help we provide are...

  • Cost of Books for study of their children in cash.
  • 1 Dozen notebook cost in cash.
  • Uniform of children in cash (Rs. 500)
  • Some Year Rs. 1000 for living to needy females.

Gruh Udhyog Rojgari Kendra-Gomtipur

The institution has opened "Gruh Udhyog Rojgari Kendra" in Gomtipur Branch.  The institution is providing gruh udhyog training to needy females.  The training is provided for various gruh udhyog activites like sewing, (instant-stick) agarbatti making and various activites.

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