Starting of Trust

On the date 25-27/12/1977 the people of samaaj across India met in Ahmedabad for a three day meeting and decided to bring all the members of Kadva Patidar Samaaj under one umbrella and decided to start with an institution for Kadva Patidar Samaaj.  On this resolution, on 28/05/1979 the institution "Kadva Patidar Parivar Trust" was started.  This small initiative today is a big institution doing various activites and helping our community at large.

When we started we were on a rental premises. As on date the trust is having its own office. It has fund of around 70 Lakhs to operate.

The founder members who participated in opening of "Kadva Patidar Parivar Trust" are:

  • Late Shri Babubhai Gandhi
  • Late Baldevbhai Dosabhai Patel
  • Late Bhurabhai Khodidas Patel
  • Late Atmaram Maganbhai Patel
  • Late Sheth Laxmikant Bhagubhai
  • Late Bhogibhai C Patel

The office of trust was mainly funded by Shree Jayantibhai Patel (Pragati Industries).  The trust is operating due to donations from a lot of its members and it is doing various activities and providing benefits to its community.